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Because life's too short...

Online Table Ordering

Guests can comfortably order their drinks without needing to queue at the bar

Shorter Round Cycles

Faster ordering leads to more rounds ordered and happier guests

Customer Experience

Improved service offering for happier guests and more repeat custom

Hassle Free

No apps to install for fast and secure online selection and payment

The Perennial Pub Problem

What We Do

One Thursday evening, a group of friends was sat in a bar relaxing and drinking. When it came to be time to buy the next round, they looked up, saw the wait at the bar and decided that queuing to buy drinks was just too much hassle. In that moment, WiWait was born.

It's a problem that we've all experienced at one time or other. Queuing for drinks in busy bars leads to disrupted conversations and missed chances to enjoy time with friends... but long wait times damage bar revenues as well. Customers using quick and simple table ordering systems regularly buy one or two more rounds in one night.

WiWait was set up to make it easier for customers to buy more drinks, to spend more quality time with their friends and to increase the enjoyment of their evening experience.

What You Get

80% Shorter Customer Wait Times
45% More Repeat Customers
75% Greater Order Productivity
30% More Revenue Per Customer

Why Wait?

Reduce Queues

Customers stay topped up without having to wait at the bar

Improve Customer Loyalty

Build loyalty information for promotions and social engagement

Drive More Sales

Faster drink cycles with less wait time between each round

Collect Customer Analytics

Capture customer behaviours to uncover new opportunities

Gain Fast ROI

Flexible pricing models for to ensure quick return on investment

Simple Integration

Benefit from workflow, implementation and integration services

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